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The Truth About Heartburn & GERD

Authored By: Karim Barakat, MH on October 18, 2020

2 years before I was rushed to Ottawa general hospital for severe abdominal pain and months later diagnosed with IBD, I was prescribed a pharmaceutical drug called controloc for heartburn.

For 2 years I was taking this controloc which stopped the "symptom" of heartburn and gave me the illusion of being cured.

Controloc and similar anti acids will never "cure" anyone because it works against your normal human physiology. The stomach is supposed to be extremely acidic. So you can digest all your foods and proteins and it also increases your body's absorption and utilization of the minerals in your food.

There is a valve between your stomach and your esophagus and when the stomach is highly acidic this valve closes tightly and you never feel any acid splashing into your upper stomach.
When you have low stomach acid your food is not fully digested which causes fermentation in the gut (gas and bloating) and creates a perfect environment for candida and parasites and pathogenic bacteria to flourish and increase (SIBO, IBS). Which is the beginning of many chronic gut dis-eases.

After 2 years of taking controloc daily, one of the many many teachers & mentors who came into my path, was an herbalist called Helen who gave me a tincture of digestive bitter herbs to assist the vital force to increase stomach acid production in the stomach thus restoring normal physiological functions of the body. I stopped all pharma drugs and in 30 days with the help of my herbalist was cured of heartburn. Then we began the longer journey to cure inflammatory bowel disease and the path that finally lead me to right here and right now.

Strange how the cure in this case is actually the opposite of what big pharma prescribes. To assist the body's vital force in increasing stomach acid (which is what we observe in healthy people) instead of shutting it down and altering one of the most important process of digestion.

When we learn from natural creation at it's most purest and balanced state, we will find true enlightenment. Let wisdom be what we seek, for when we go into the wilderness we lose our minds but we find our soul.

A storm is coming.

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