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Payment, Delivery & Refund

We deliver our products directly to you. Once placing your order at checkout, let us know the most suitable time and we will accomodate to meet your schedule. If there are issues we will contact you to process more information.

We now deliver anywhere in Egypt.


We currently accept only cash payments at delivery.

Delivery Schedule

Deliveries are prioritized upon sequence. Our Herbal Tea Formulas are prepared fresh for each order to provide you with potent and fresh herbal tea, and our salves are also prepared fresh from our stock of in-house traditionally prepared infused oils. 

Orders are shipped by a professional delivery courier from our warehouse in Cairo and gets delivered within 24 hours from time of pick up. Our Delivery Rep will contact you the morning of the delivery to confirm a delivery window within the day that best suits you.

Please arrange for someone in attendance to receive the order as if no one is available then the delivery personal will move on and delivery will be scheduled for the next  day.

Cancellations or modifications of orders should be done immediately prior to a dispatch of the order or orders can be subject to additional charges, voided or refuse of further service. 

Delivery Fees

Delivery fees will be LE35 per address for anywhere in Giza & The Greater Cairo Area. 

Alexandria Delivery Fees: LE45 (we do not deliver kefir grains or sauerkraut to Alexandria due to the long transit time).

If you require a delivery outside of the greater Cairo-Giza area then additional delivery charges will apply. 

Returns and Refund Policy

If you are not satisfied with the product or there is any defect let us know for a full refund or an exchange.

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