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    Therapeutic Grade | Proprietary Herbal Formulas By Certified Master Herbalist Karim Barakat, MH.

Herbalist Formulated Medicinal Herbal Tea Blends

100% PURE 
Vacuum Sealed for Optimum Freshness & Potency
150G Provides Over 60 Regular Doses (1/2 tsp) & 30 Therapeutic Doses (1 tsp)
Professionally Formulated & Hand-blended By Certified Herbalist Karim Barakat, MH.

Proprietary Medicinal Tea Blends By Certified Master Herbalist Karim Barakat, MH.

Our Herbal Tea Formulas are prepared and formulated by master herbalist and founder of The Apothecary Egypt, Karim Barakat, MH. Herbalist Karim's proprietary formulas are prepared based on his own personal experience overcoming several chronic illnesses and professional studies at Dominion Herbal College, North America's Oldest College Specialized only in herbal medicine. He is a certified master herbalist and member of The American Herbalist Guild. 

Herbalist Karim believes that herbal tea should not be ground and stored for months in tea bags in tiny amounts. Our herbal formulas are artisan and blended fresh per order. Our herbs are kept in their whole state in refrigeration (leaves, roots & flowers) and freezers (seeds). 

It all starts with sourcing the highest quality herbs & botanicals which is our main priority. That means our herbs are fresh from the current harvest season and we store them in accordance with our proprietary quality controlled environment system for herbs. We always strive to source wildcrafted herbs from all over Egypt, Africa, India, the Mediterranean region & the world.

When an order is placed, we weigh the herbs according to Herbalist Karim Barakat's proprietary formulas, and the herbs are blended in our 100% stainless steel herb grinders. The herbs are then packaged and delivered to our clients within 24 hours. This results in the most potent, aromatic, medicinal & therapeutic herbal tea Formulas available anywhere. 

Therapeutic Grade Medicinal Tea Blends

DigesTEA - Digestive Herbal Tea
EGYPTIAN BITTERS - Digestive Bitters Formula
DigesTSooth - Digestive Soothing Calendula Marshmallow Herbal Tea 
TranquiliTEA - Stress Relief Valerian Root Herbal Tea
GREEN MINERALS - Nettle Leaf Formula (Natural Multivitamin Herbal Supplement)
CANDIDA CLEANSE - Anti Candida Herbal Tea Formula (Available through Herbalist Consultation Only)
PARASITE CLEANSE - Anti Parasitic Herbal Tea Formula (Available through Herbalist Consultation Only)
BODY MASS COMPOSITION - Weight Loss Support Herbal Tea Formula (Available through Herbalist Consultation Only)
Disclaimer: We recommend that you consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using herbal products, particularly if you are pregnant, nursing, or on any medications. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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