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    Karim Barakat, MH.
    Practicing Community Herbalist

Rekindling the Fire of Herbal Medicine in Egypt

"Natural healing is about taking control of your life and being responsible for everything that goes into your body, mind and spirit" - Richard Schulze

Things You Should Know...

  • For centuries physicians and herbalists from various traditional systems of medicine have been using herbs and natural healing modalities to assist patients to restore normal functions of the body.
  • Herbs when used in accordance with traditional wisdom and knowledge of a learned herbalist, causes little to no side effects, and work with the body to promote and restore normal physiological functions.
  • The purpose of an herbalist is to assist the body’s innate intelligence in restoring normal physiological functions and health to the organism.
  • Natural herbal remedies and traditional healing modalities uses plant medicine, consisting of a plethora of chemicals and constituents designed and evolved in nature to work synergistically to provide a more broad-spectrum effect on the body.
  • FASTING can and will save your life!
  • Pollutants and Chemicals are the key disasters to a dysfunctional immune system.
  • Foods laced with hormones and xeno-estrogens are causing havoc in your system.
  • Healing is a journey and there are no detours or fast tracks or magic pills! It is a path full of warriors and awakened souls. Don't let anyone take away your power with their fear and ignorance.

History of Herbal Medicine in Egypt

Egypt has a deep and rich history in herbal medicine, going back to the age of ancient Egypt and the Pharaohs that ruled these lands. The oldest known scientific records, the Ebens papyrus, dating back to the 16th century B.C. mentioned Sacred Frankincense (Boswellia Sacra), an herb sought after by kings and queens. This gum resin was harvested in the wilderness of Oman by the Arabs and trade routes were created to connect Arabia with Egypt.

For centuries and millennia, Egypt has been the center of the herb and spice trade routes connecting Europe, Africa, the Arabian Peninsula and the Far East. Many herbalists and physicians throughout history have studied the uses and benefits of all kinds of medicinal herbs here in Egypt. It was a golden age when people valued knowledge and wisdom, and seekers traveled for months risking life and limb just to have the privilege to study and learn from renown healers, herbalists and alchemists. And their writings remain today proving that in most cases their findings and teachings, matches that of modern scientific studies on the physiological effects of herbs.

It is our humble mission at The Apothecary Egypt, to rekindle the fire of herbalism & herbal medicine in Egypt.

We hope that our work and effort can be a blessing to you and your family.

Karim Barakat, MH.
Founder, The Apothecary Egypt
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