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PARSLEY LEAF (Certified Organic) - 125 g

Diuretic | Kidney Health | Liver & Gallbladder Health | Gentle Detox Support | Minerals

Grown in a pristine Certified Organic Farm.

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Certified Organic Parsley Leaf

Ingredients: 100% Certified Organic Parsley Leaf

Botanical Name: Petroselinum crispum

Certified Organic

Production: Parsley is a bright green, flowering plant that is native to the Mediterranean and that has been naturalized all over the world.

Qualities: Parsley is considered to be a herb, spice, and a vegetable, and it is very popular all over the world for its wide variety of culinary applications. Dried parsley preserves the bright, celery-like flavor of the fresh plant.

Common Use: This parsley can be added generously to soups, salads, stews, sauces, rice, pasta, and many other recipes to enhance the flavor.

For Medicine: It’s main function medicinally as a strong brew tea (simmered with a lid for 20-30 minutes) is to tonify the kidneys. It is also a natural diuretic used to flush the kidneys that are infected. Drink between 2-5 cups daily as needed. Being consistent with the protocol is advised. 2-3 weeks is a decent period of time of repair.

Fresh from latest Harvest Season. Very Fresh, and sourced from a pristine organic farm in Wahat region, proudly organically grown in Egypt.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry, dark location in a sealed container.


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