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    We Hand-Select Superior Quality Herbs & Botanicals

We Strive To Source Sustainably Wild-harvested Herbs

Vacuum Sealed and Stored in Refrigeration For Optimum Freshness & Potency

Wildcrafted Herbs are 100% Chemical / Pesticide Free


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Medicinal Herbs From The Apothecary Egypt

At the Apothecary Egypt, not only do we hand select superior quality herbs & botanicals, but we vacuum seal our herbs at the peak of their freshness to maintain the volatile oils & constituents of the herbs, to deliver to you the highest quality herbs you can buy in Egypt. Order Herbs Online in Egypt from The Apothecary Egypt, and experience the difference in quality, freshness & potency. The aroma and color of the herbs we carry speaks louder than words.

As an herbalist, I believe in the full spectrum medicinal value of herbs and not extracts. Nature does not produce extracts and put them in plastic capsules for you to ingest. Man can not fully understand the majesty, power & wisdom of the natural creation. We have yet to even begin to understand the synergistic effects of all the chemical constituents of the herbs and how they affect bio-availability.

At The Apothecary Egypt, we never use toxic tea bags with tiny amounts of herbs or cheap herbal extracts from China. Our integrity is our most valuable commodity and our commitment to our clients is to present them a truly honest & authentic herbal store in Egypt. Welcome to The Apothecary Egypt! 

We Are Proud To Source Wildcrafted Herbs in Egypt

At The Apothecary Egypt, we strive to provide you with the highest quality herbs & botanicals you can buy in Egypt. That means we work continuously to source wildcrafted herbs from Egypt, Africa and around the world. Wildcrafted Herbs are harvested from plants that have been grown wild in nature without human intervention. They are chemical free and posses more medicinal constituents than conventional commercially grown plants. We support communities that sustainably harvest these wild plants and encourage the growth and prosperity of their communities.
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