The Human Microbiome

The Human Microbiome

One of the most important milestones in the path of natural healing is the restoration of our own human microbiome.

While some probiotic supplements can offer temporary symptom relief if the species of bacteria used and method of encapsulation result in a transient effect where the bacteria do not colonize the mucosal lining of the gut, its important to transfer our attention into actually improving the terrain within our own gut for our human strain microbiome to regrow and flourish.

We inherit our own human microbiome from our mothers during vaginal birth and through natural breast feeding. The friendly bacteria and the colostrum in mothers milk is what actually seals the lining of the intestinal tract and fills the gut with human strain bacteria which are ready to colonize and are absolutely essential for immunity, production of B-Vitamins, Seratonin, Butyric acid (essential for cell lining), and so much more! Actually all mucosal lining within your entire body should be populated with healthy human strain bacteria which are the main #1 defence against any pathogenic organism trying to colonize and cause infection.

Its so important for new mothers to understand that normal birth with the help of a doula at home and natural breastfeeding is the greatest gift to your baby!

One of the reasons why I often prescribe milk kefir made from healthy raw goat or cow milk to my clients with auto immune or gut dis-eases is because not only is this rich in living and active lactobacilis and over 80 different species of friendly bacteria but also this create the optimal environment in the mucosal lining in the gut for our own microbiome to grow and flourish overtime and recolonize other areas in the body such as the reproductive system or urinary tract system.

Herbs like Acacia Senegal Gum Powder is also wonderful to feed your own microbiome as its a powerful and natural prebiotic.

Most importantly, understand that most probiotic supplements are made with friendly bacteria isolated from animals or plants... however, there is one company in Australia that actually has a probiotic powder made of human strain bacteria @progurt

to be continued...

The Apothecary Egypt
Karim Barakat, MH.

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