Heavy Metal Detoxification Program

Heavy Metal Detoxification Egypt
I am often amazed at how loosely the word “detox” is used in mainstream alternative health. How does this process actually work in the body? To understand, we need to go over some basics… remember healing is not meant to be complicated! You have within your body the innate intelligence / vital force to heal.

Allopathic medicine spend years and years making everything complicated yet they have not discovered the cure to heartburn! And no, taking an anti acid / PPI for the rest of your life is not a ‘cure’.

Simply put, your body is made out of systems which are group of organs and tissues working together to perform certain functions in the body. These organs and tissues are essentially made out of cell. Cells also contains our DNA or blueprint for how to create new identical cells, essentially making copies of themselves. Which happens in our body every day! That’s why I always remind my clients that our body has the innate intelligence to always repair, heal & regenerate 🌿.

Cells quite simply take in nutrients transported through the blood after being absorbed through the intestine (from Food / Nutrition), and the cells convert these nutrients into energy and carry out specific functions.

But what if in the blood there are toxins floating around, could be from food (pesticides.. ), air you breath, pharmaceuticals, supplements with additives and toxic byproducts, unnatural beauty care products, cleaning supplies, mercury from food or amalgam fillings, or toxins released by having an unknown overgrowth of pathogens (candida, parasites… etc).
In this current age of ignorence, there could be a myriad of sources, some are surprising to many.

This is why in my practice, before I send my clients the herbal/natural remedies and protocol for intra cellular chelation, we first must eliminate what would further cause congestion in the body.

After the foundational goals we set together is achieved, the body is now ready to experience what true heavy metal detoxification is, through a process known as intra cellular chelation. This is done using herbs, nutrition, minerals & most importantly a chelating agent (De-Tox Remedy).

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